I know this sounds convoluted but please bear with me. Someone recently told someone else who then told me that I was moving to a “better job.” Ignoring the whispering monkeys that this involves, it reminded me of Stanley Hauerwas’ comment when he was named America’s “best theologian”. Hauerwas said “Best is not a theological category! Faithful or unfaithful are the right categories. The last thing in the world I’d want to be is the best.”

In a similar way I think in Christian service it is unfair to say one job is better or worse than another in terms of the job itself. As one nurse once said, “Every job has its bedpans.” Each job has its joys and trials.

The Christian difference is the same issue Hauerwas raises. A job where I can be more faithful to who God has called me to be, is a better fit, not a better job. The good, better best of jobs is decided not by the position but by God’s call on our life.

So are you being faithful to what God has called you to?