One of the hardest things for me to learn has been good boundaries.  As I have intimated elsewhere my parent’s were not real concerned with what I did as long as it did not hurt anyone.  This is not an unusual response for those who are not believers.  However as a believer I am called to set my heart on what is above and to love others even when it might be uncomfortable.  The psychologist types talk about this as boundaries, I think of it sometimes as tact, and remember my reputation in my younger days for being tactless.

You see I have gained some wisdom by realising I need to respect boundaries and not step over them.  The problem is I have had little training in this and every so often if I am not listening to God well or not sleeping enough or any other myriad of excuses I could give, I blow it. I have seen this in different areas of life over years where I have walked into a situation with hob nailed boots and accidentally hurt people.  My super son and some of his little friends have the same habit of steam rolling or accidentally hitting their mother.  It is never intended and often is in a moment where they are trying to do something nice for someone.

Now don’t worry – I don’t knowingly do this everyday.  Yet I will admit I am still growing in realising not so much my boundaries but other peoples so I don’t encroach.

So how do you respond to boundaries?