I have found a new devotional “tool” that I find really great. It is the Bible online in a different order to what I am used. It breaks the Bible down by genre and you read a section each day from a different genre. The version I am using is http://www.bible-reading.com/daily-reading-niv-quiet.htm but others are available.  When I was reading Romans 15 last week I was somehow reminded that all of God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ.

This has me reflecting on all sorts of issues.  How does this blog glorify Jesus? Does it do so all the time?  Is it too easy for me to sit in judgement in a way that Jesus does not?  I don’t have easy answers to these questions but the obvious of “I hope so”, “No”, “Yes”.  The question for me is how to make these better answers.  For if Jesus is the centre of my life all areas of my life must focus more on him.

In other words I am gaining wisdom on focusing on Jesus.

So where is your focus?