The post prior to this is an apology for trespassing on someone’s private life.  It seems like at some levels I suffer from the same problems as Kinsey Millhone in Sue Grafton’s T is for Trespass  Kinsey can not figure out whether to  intrude on a situation she knows is odd or to stay away and in the end she goes in feet first.  It seems I do the same.

I started reading the Sue Grafton A-Z series when I was living in Santa Barbara.  The series is set in Santa Teresa which is a slightly fictionalised form of Santa Barbara and in those days I don’t think Grafton was anywhere else.  I read them as they were local flavour and not a bad read.

Nowadays they are a bit sentimental for me.  I remember living there and timewise they are getting close to when I arrived.  Not quite there yet but getting close.

There are a couple of great lines in the book. One is that the Domestic and Elder Abuse Telephone Hotline as an acronym is DEATH.   There were some others about food and weight issues which I enjoyed as well.

This seems to be Grafton back on form after a couple of books that weren’t so great.  I look forward to the rest of series and hope I don’t trespass again.