The title of today’s post again comes from my wonderful wife.  We had a weekend retreat, 2 days of the Australia day long weekend, and at one point we were on the beach at Mooloolaba and talking.

My wife said something like, this weekend will end up in the blog.  I replied not necessarily.  The next thing we know is a photographer started taking fashion shots of a girl in a bikini right in front of us against the rocks.  I think my super son may have ended up in one of the photos but I am not sure. My wonderful wife said “Now it will” I said I was still not sure.

Our super son kept digging a road and making a city, my wife and I kept talking about life, the universe and everything.  Next thing my wife says, looking over my shoulder is, “Oh dear she’s in the water”.  Referring not to the photographer but the model.  I did not look.

And I thought yes it will end up in the blog now.  And I said “That’s a great title for an entry in the blog”.  So it became one.

We did have a nice weekend away and came back to some cleaning up around the house.

I said to someone this week a friend used to say it is always easier to turn a moving ship and we have seen that this week.  Things we thought were going in one direction have moved in another.  I feel like saying we are a boat and “Oh dear she’s in the water” but that may be stretching the analogy too far.

So what did you do for the Australia Day weekend?