My super son sometime this week said “I don’t like my daddy” in a pique of temper because I was disagreeing with him.  His amazing mother who was in the room at the time said “Well I do like him and we are keeping him.”  It is always nice to know you are loved. 🙂

Last week I finished off Charles Stross Singularity Sky.  Some people see this book as a farce others as amazing science fiction.  I have no doubt in my mind that Stross actually meant it as a little of both.

To set the scene.  Imagine if Tsarist Russia of 1905 had the Edinburgh Festival of 2005, say, suddenly arrive in town.  Complete with mobile phones and an audience with a desire to be entertained.  The major “science-fiction” enemy is the alien force called the Festival which like its namesake also has Critics, a Fringe, Bouncers and Mimes.  I think it was this re-use of familiar ideas to theatre as enemies that made the book for me.  It was a dig at Festivals and all the attendant issues they bring as if Stross had seen the impact and was not happy with it.

At the same time it is a fun story of cross and double cross, of no one quite like they seem, sometime due to incidents forcing them to be someone else when things go out of control.  A bit like yesterdays post.  Confusion can reign.

I read the book because one of its sequels was getting good press and my library had this one.  Some other books I want the library does not have and I consider that rare given the generally high number of books I find in Brisbane City Council’s library.

So yes the secret is out.  My budget is not high I have a good library.

So what are you reading this week?