We all have a past. For better or worse. There are things we readily admit to and things we don’t tell anybody.

One bit of the past I saw on a T-Shirt recently said “Kitt is a Cylon”. This took me ages to figure out. If you need help see Kitt & Cylon for it all to make sense and remember the defining thing of a Cylon is the red light that flashes back and forth.

Another thing from my past is comic books. Now I may be stating I am more of a geek than I like to admit to but I still sometimes read them. For Christmas I received 52 Volume 1 and have read from the library Showcase Presents JLA, Vol 1 and The Tornado’s Path.

I have to admit I enjoyed all of them and now want to read all of 52. Even if its last volume is not quite out in this country yet.

The reason I realise I enjoy reading these, and these particularly is that they take me back to my first reading of comics. I can remember one year on the way home from or on the way to the Easter show, I think, my Mum, Dad and I stopped at St Leonard’s railway station and bought me my first comic. One story in the book was a Justice League of America book and it started me reading comics for many years. My preference has remained to this day to be DC. This does not mean that I am not looking forward to Iron Man at the movies, though I must admit some of the Fantastic Four movies seem more farce than serious takes but I still have a preference for the Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Supes and the gang. I am really looking forward to the Justice League movie even if I have troubles thinking that Adam Brody will be the Flash. When was Barry Allen or Wally West that dark? Geeky no problem, dark no.

So is this a hankering for a simpler time? I actually don’t think so. The things that appealed to me when I was a child are still the things that appeal to me today. I don’t think we move as far from out childhood as we would like to think.

So I have confessed to my comic loves, what are your unwritable confessions?