I had hoped at this point to be back to the regular albeit slightly revised posting schedule:

Mondays for Marking:  Reflecting on Academic books and life

Tuesdays and Thursdays Theological Reflections

Fridays for Fiction, Film and Fun

which always left Wednesday for Whatever.

So today’s thought is less about Wednesdays and whatevers but about blogging.

I keep an eye on my statistics as I would like to know I have an audience.  I saw a blog that obviously had one reader, the author and no other.  I know that is not true here but the numbers vary.  The thing I notice is that the quickest way to get visitors to the site is to accidentally say something controversial or to comment on a good article.  This is not how good scholars are known.  Word of mouth helps but publishing the profound and useful is better.

So now I am back to thinking about how to get something published – seriously and then see if I get more traffic.  Time will tell.

For those who are interested a friend of mine has a blog which I think is far better written than mine but of a totally different nature.  Bec’s blog can be found at becnew.blogspot.com.