In the recent “relies run” we travelled through some remote areas. We stayed or ate in towns with populations smaller than my church. This got me to thinking.

If a missionary goes into a remote location and they are unable to fellowship regularly what is there relationship to the church and to the Kingdom?

For example if we say that the Kingdom and the church are the same then the missionary is taking the Kingdom and expanding the Church to the remote location.

If we say the Kingdom is more than the church then the Kingdom may be coming about already in the remote location and the missionary is realising the church in the midst of Kingdom.

If the Church is a sign of the Kingdom then the missionary by going is the church and pointing to the Kingdom.  However does a church of 1 really mean church?  Is it fair to say that church in the NT is always community?  If not what is it?

I was thinking about these issues while away and while I have not had time to reason out a response I was pleased to note that Scot McKnight will look at the issue in his blog.  See todays entry for the first of his reflections.