My work has a wonderful phrase to describe visiting the relatives whilst on a holiday.  It is a “relies run”.

As my last post of last year attests we were going to do this and we are now back.

2,000 miles, 3,400 kilometres at least plus what we did around Melbourne.

It was nice to catch up with friends Bec & John and to properly meet John’s wife Wendy.  My son cut short some of the conversations with them and others when he got distracted.

We missed out visiting some churches which we would have liked to visit.  Our timing was just poor arriving at a relatives place on Sunday and leaving again on a Sunday.

We did get to a Christmas Carols service at St Thomas’s on Christmas Eve.  While this did have an Vicar of Dibley-esque air about it it was a great way for us to focus on Christmas.  We did not have much more of a chance with presents and food the next day.  Bucking the family traditions is really hard when no one else will agree with you and you are told when to bee somewhere.  We keep working on this one.

Coming back we kept it short and quick.  We stopped only one night and were home on New Year’s Eve.  We were great party animals and went to bed around 10pm.

This trip has generated lots for us to think about and some of it will come out in upcoming posts.