It is the Wednesday I go on holidays.  An unintentional slight on Emergent Kiwi’s blog has just been apologised for and I think all is right with the worl well at least the small bit of my little corner of it that I am somehow able to deal with.  If I am realistic even my corner is too big for me especially at Christmas when it is so easy to become manic.

This leads me to reflect on the Advent season we are in thus the reference to Holly in the title.  Holly is of course half the combination of the Holly and the Ivy which while sung at Christmas by Bing Crosby is really an Easter song.  Listen to the words if you don’t believe me.

Holidays of course were originally “Holy Days” when there was a break from routine whereby people could refresh themselves and take stock of their lives.

The family this year is taking a long drive (1700 kms or around 1000 miles)  to visit relatives.  We are looking forward to it though we all need more sleep.  Will this be refreshing?  I hope so.  More so will be the times of reflection when my passengers are asleep and I can stop and think while staring at country Australia,  Last year I felt God impress ideas and goals for the year.  I have achieved those in some measure or other and look forward to thinking about the next year.

I pray you have a great Advent and will hear from me again in the New Year