This week I will explore two chapters of Weimer’s Learner Centered Teaching work before I go on holidays on Wednesday.  YEAH!

The issues that  chapters 5 & 6 of raise are helpful ones for me.  The first is making the students take responsibility for their learning.  The second is making evaluative assessment that shows learning as well as keeping exercises that enable learning.

I am working through how to have my students learn what is a skills based course, reading the Bible well,  to do so consistently.  I want them to keep reading the Bible at the end of the course in an informed and responsible manner.  I want them to look up tools and concordances when they get stuck on a word.

Now here is the problem students get the mindset they need to keep the lecturer happy to show they have learned.   How do we really know they have learned?  They want to know more.  This comes about as there are real consequences for not doing an action.  In psychology and the Boundaries books this is known as enabling.  Allowing someone to get away with something and then making up for their shortcomings just plasters over problems.  It solves nothing and only increases the enablers work.  We can do the same for students.  I think I will be setting tough consequences for the class for those who do not have the textbook in class by week 3.  The textbook is far better and more succinct than I at explaining the material and will work with the method I use so I have to come up with good exercises.

This leads onto the second point.  How are students encouraged to learn through self-assessment.  To truly understand you are learning you should not be relying on the grade that your lecturer gives you.  You should know yourself what you have learned.  This however is a process.  This last academic year I tried to get students to self-assess and Weimer points out they need to grow into this.  I think I know how I will help them grow into this but I have to plan more.

Which is an earlier point that Weimer says, we need to plan more to make this work.  And I really do want the students to learn.