In a class at Fuller Seminary with Robert Banks there was a mention of the theology of sleep by one of the Baillies. I wish I could remember more details to find the article. Part of the discussion was understanding that everything we do is theological and has theological implications and understandings whether reflected upon or not.

My super son woke up yesterday at 4AM. He woke me up and then his mother. We needed more sleep. This is why there was no entry on Wednesday my time. It was a low key day doing the essentials.

Today we had more sleep. He woke up at 5 something. We are really hoping when we are on holidays that the rooms will be dark and he will sleep well. Time will tell.

Regardless we still need to think why we do things. Sleep is a chance for our bodies to recreate, our brains to calm, or process the days work or whatever depending on what theory you read last.

While sleep is a necessity and godly sometimes it is also a pleasure.