As I finish up a week of reviews on books I have read recently I now get to the end of a series of 11 volumes in the Sword of Truth books. Congratulations to Terry Goodkind for finishing the novels before any serious health issues or death stopped the writing.

Terry Goodkind’s Confessor seems to be one of those novels you either love or hate. reviewers give it 3 stars.  Would I be so mean?

Well I will agree the series has dragged on for a bit but the ending is unexpected.  Goodkind does figure out how to keep both views of the future open without destruction of one or the other.  I have written this in a deliberately vague way so that readers who do read the book are not surprised.

The epilogue is quite appropriate to end the series on a high note rather than Tolkien’s sending Bilbo et al away at the end of Lord of the Rings.

What about the action?  A bit more gory than I would like.  The magic – not lots.  The basic ideas good with a great twist for the ending. Read if you have enjoyed the series otherwise leave it alone.

My students often ask why do I read science-fiction and fantasy.  These genres are what started me reading when I was in my early teens.  This means these books are escapism and a pick me up.  On my desk to read now are three different books on the academy and one on church.  I have a varied reading diet maybe not just the most healthy one 🙂