Bruce Beresford’s Josh Hartnett Definitely Want To do this …  True Stories from a Life in the Screen Trade was not quite what I was expecting.

I thought it would be a memoir of some sort with a prose type structure.  Instead it was a memoir in a diary, with footnotes, insights and name dropping galore.  The name dropping is not for the sake of it but because these really are the people Bruce mixes with.  He has good days and bad days and knows more correctly than not that certain producers really do not have the money.

I think what I most  enjoyed about this book was the fact that it was about the reality of a persons life that many of us would think is glamourous.  Bruce shows he lives a lot on airplanes, visits strange places for work, some of which are nice, refuses the services of well dressed men who can provide “comfort” in the form of young women and overall is a “normal” Australian guy.

Of course most normal Australian’s do not go to the opera, theatre or watch movies as much as Bruce does but his one paragraph reviews of these items makes them interesting. He is basically stuck doing not much in the time he writes the book.  He rewrites scripts, tries to find money and dreams about making interesting movies.  He was the first choice as director for a movie about William Wilberforce which became Amazing Grace directed by Michael Apsted.

If you like Australian directed movies or want insight into what movie making is like I recommend this book.