Over breakfast today my son told us that “Jesus told him to make a sandwich” from his bread and butter.  His mother asked “What else does Jesus tell you to do?”.  My son replied “To turn the tap on outside”.

Now we are in a drought and turning the tap on outside is a definite no-no. Yet my son at three has grasped the idea that if Jesus tells us to do something we should do it and who cares about the consequences.  Now for my son the consequences are bad, relatively.

Yet as adults we face the same issues.  I know people who feel God has called them into a relationship with non-Christians and then they start to walk away from God and wonder why God is so far away?  I know people who have decided they are called to a ministry that for safety and integrity requires others around them and then when they go it alone everything goes wrong.  I’ve known people to say “God calls us to …” and then they do something that completely undermines what the group has been called to.

So is it true that Jesus told my son to make a sandwich?  I think there are times when the answer is yes.  Is it true that Jesus told my son to turn the tap on outside?  Again I think there are times when the answer is yes but the midst of a drought is not one of them.  The real answer is we need discernment and as Pentecostals and modern churches we have lost the thought of understanding the times, the moods and the seasons we live in.  We accept consumerism, fads and victories as if they are normal and reject simplicity, tradition and failure as from the past and not of God.  We need more discernment.

Oh and by the way can someone tell my son not to turn the tap on at kindergarten today?