David Kowalski’s Company of the Dead is a new Australian novel about an alternate US history.

I am wary of this genre as I have seen it done in ways I like (Harry Turtledove’s World War series) and ways I do not.  This book fell into the “I like it” category.

The basic plot is what if the events on the Titanic really affected all of Western Civilisation and what if someone time travelled back to change them? There is more to it than that though.  Though I won’t give away some of the plot points that make this a good novel.

While the characters are not always well drawn and some are little more than red shirts on Star Trek the basic interactions and ideas are interesting.

So why do I like this novel in the end?  The majesty of travelling on the Titanic, good science-fiction, good history and its written by an Australian.  I know there will not be a sequel but I do look forward to Kowalski’s next book.