At the end of my class in Theology I read aloud the Theology of Chocolate by David Augsburger.

The next day one of my students from last year asked if I knew what the theology of fish was.  I joked “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and his wife will never see him.”

Why are so many church activities devised to separate families and yet churches espouse that families are the building block of society.

I could easily argue the problem is one of maintenance.  If the people are not at meeting then the church is not maintained in its work in the world.  At the same time if there is no family life then what are we witnessing to? busyness?  Churchiness?

I think my missional friends would argue that it is more important to be with non-Christians and sharing the gospel than fellowshipping with Christians.  But if we do not have support we will not survive.

This is why these reflections are under a theology of fish.  Fish need air to survive as well as water to swim in.  We need to live in the world and need the church to survive us being in it. One without the other will kill us.  Too much water and a fish will die, too much air and the same thing happens.