Amazon has released an electronic book reader. This does not seem to be a theological statement. At the same time a new novel Out of Print by John Frye is out. The theological issues both raise the issue in different ways is how we understand the “Word” of God.

We need to discern again what it means to be people of the book – are we really obedient and in love with its giver or with the words themselves or the idea of the words?

Amazon will move us to a more ephemeral form of word – something that is present then gone as we replace one book in our reader with another. Out of Print I suspect, as I have not read it yet, will move us to value the word giver.

Pentecostals have usually placed a premium on an experience of the Spirit which the church has understood to be in alignment with the word of the God in the Bible.  The problem is that in much of Mega-Pentecostalism, the large scale churches, the Bible is receeding as we try and reach out with a message that the world can accept.  What used to be reserved for Bible Studies and teaching believers is now watered down and then given to non-Christians.  Jesus did not come to make my marriage great, he came to redeem all of creation which changes my marriage.  Yet our preaching seems to focus on the effects and not the redemption.

Yesterday someone started a discussion about gradualism and how we come to accept what we should not accept if we are exposed to it enough.  I wonder if our lack of exposure to the Word of God will cause us to remove its importance so it is as ephemeral as a book in the new Amazon reader.

So it is a choice we need to make sure we are faithful to the Word of God and not let it be ephemeral in our lives.
What choices are you making?