It is the start of the Christmas silly season here for work.

We had the college formal last night which was great fun and some of the live action shots of the year were hilarious.  There are days when I would like to see all the other lecturers in action.

For some reason I won  the “Doctor of the Year!” award for “successfully on many occasions making our heads explode.”  In class this was also described as putting a grenade in a student’s head and letting it go off.

To me this is the heart of theology, seeing God in a new way that makes our head explode.

I had a different sort of explosion in my brain as my wife and I are invited to a Christmas party on campus and we received one invitation (we work in legally separate organisations) addressed to Dr & Mrs Morgan.  I think it was the first time I had seen it in writing.

Today I was asked to lead the last major chapel of the year with 1 minutes notice.  This may not have been my greatest moment as I needed coffee today – and I am a morning person.  Yet as I reflect the reality is that we are transitioning from class to the future, whether it is holidays, a new place, or a new year we are all different to what we have been.

Biblically one of my favourite transitions is from the end of the world to a new world in the Book of Revelation.  Today however I ended up speaking about Paul seeing the man from Macedonia and how Paul had been forbidden to speak in one place and allowed in another, one door was closed so he could go through the open door.  We need our lives to follow the same pattern to not do what we are told not to do so we can be open to what we are to do.

What do you think?