I have one son. I have many students. I am not sure somedays which are harder to train in righteousness.

I think we are moving into a time when parents have to take responsibility for educating their children in the way of our Lord. While some people see this as developing them in the emerging paradigm (see emergingparents.blogspot.com) others see it as an inclusive process (see http://www.home-church.org/scc/workgoup.html).

My wonderful wife and I are thinking of inviting a series of friends who are not in a small group at church to a new style small group. We are thinking of 7:30AM or 8AM, that’s right AM, on a Saturday morning. We all have kids and none of us can get to events together if there is no child care. We envision the group as inclusive of kids but designed to be relational rather than study related. After all there would be at least 4 bible college students/graduates there as well as the others. I want to see a group that is caring lots not hypothesising much. It will need to show the kids what it is like to be in relationship with other Christians nd not just to play with them 🙂

I’d like ideas as to suggestions for how to include kids. While I will look again at Robert Banks stuff (I love Rob’s abbreviated name sounding like crimes – Rob Banks) I would also like practical suggestions. Oh well time to go looking for research material.

Any suggestions where to look?