There are days when the work we have to do means that we have to do things we do not want to do.

In my office I have a prayer via Martin E. Marty from his supervisor Sidney E Mead

God give me the courage to flunk my best friend tomorrow if necessary – and courage sincerely to weep with him afterward – and the ability to communicate to him why it was necessary so that he may become a constructive participant in the the action.

I gave back results this week where I have failed people.  The reasons vary from poor quality work to not answering the question and late submission.  The responses are more interesting.  One person is thankful for the opportunity to resubmit so he can learn, another is trying not to fail and others will work harder but at this time only God knows if they are really getting it and will make it.

I do not like giving bad marks back.  I try and make my expectations as clear as possible.  I do not always succeed.

This week we also have unit/subject evaluations.  I will find out from my students perspective where I have passed and failed.  I am interested in finding out what I get but I will wait until the marking is over.

I’ll let you know if I need them to weep with me or not.