Sliding doors is a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow where two different futures are played out based on whether she got through a pair of sliding doors.

I was speaking to my wonderful wife last night about people I have met. The person in particular was Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City. A friend, Jason, had asked me to visit his church to see if I liked it and help Jason figure out why he might not be feeling so uncomfortable but liking it at the same time.

We went to a morning service in Greenwich Village and the evening service in Hunter College. At the end of the night I chatted to Tim about the church and he said if I decided to stay to have a further chat with him.

Later that night I was forced to undergo an orthodoxy test by a over-zealous young person. I am not a good Calvinist, I am far more Wesleyan and Pentecostal. The problem was not that I had to undergo an orthodoxy check, it was how it was done. I ultimately pointed out to the gentleman concerned that he was more interested in being right than showing the love of Jesus.

Jason was horrified. Not because of what I said but because he had said the same thing to my interrogator a few days before.

In the end, I, like Jason, loved the church and what Tim is doing. The Calvinistic theology is a little too tight for my liking. I pointed out to Jason that all the people who were leading as pastors at that time were from Westminster Theological Seminary where the original fundamentalists ended up. Jason now understood why he felt uncomfortable. While he remained in New York Jason stayed part of the church discomfort not disappearing either.

On our last trip back to New York friends of ours told us that their son is there at Redeemer. It is a great church. And Tim is no fundamentalist.

The sliding doors moment? What if I had stayed in the church (and NYC) and somehow ended up on staff? Would I have met a wife and had such a wonderful son?

Have you had sliding door moments?

And the reason I thought about Tim? Seeing the following video: