It is interesting to consider what image or picture of Jesus drives the different traditions.

It seems easy to me to say that the emerging church seems to be driven by the Historical  Jesus.  Jesus as a Jew in Jewish culture, confronting and living in Jewish culture as a model for us to live today.  I like this idea even if it is focussing its effort on understanding Jewish-ness rather than Christian-ness.

The Roman Catholic picture seems to be the Jesus as sacrificial lamb, the Australian Pentecostal Jesus as Jesus triumphant, the Charismatic Jesus as Spirit-filled teacher, the Evangelical Jesus as the Word, the fundamentalist Jesus as the one who saves but judges, the Liberal Jesus as moral instructor, the peace churches’ Jesus is the prince of Peace.

Are these stereotypes of the churches or is the image of Jesus these churches see really a reflection of the water at the bottom of the well of what they want to see?

Maybe as I think about the spirituality of these views then there is truth in all of them but we need all of them to accurately reflect the real Jesus.  The Jesus we all need and should worship is all of these yet as people we tend to focus on parts we like.  This may or may not be healthy but it does happen that way.

So what do you think?