There is no question in my mind that the centre of our Christian faith is Jesus Christ. In my last post I questioned which Jesus do we imagine and let drive our lives?

The best answer came soon after I was pondering this when I saw Greg Boyd’s blog entry

I liked what I saw and tried to figure out if I can capture the same photo. I can’t nor can I quickly find the original. If you can tell me how to do this I will be grateful.

Anyway the photo has Jesus washing the feet of famous people: German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Tony Blair, England; Kofi A. Annan, UN; George Bush; Osama bin Laden; Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh; and Jiang Zemin, former president of China.

Of course I would have like either John Howard or Kevin Rudd there but maybe this points out that Australia is not a big player in world politics.

At the same time there is no question that pictures like this help us rethink who Jesus really is.

Does an image of Jesus like this challenge you?