There are days when I should not turn on Firefox, the TV and walk in my office.

These are the days when I want things to remain the same but realise later they will never be.

During this week I realised that Scott McKnight’s blog has a tag of education and I looked at it. Scott has some great observations about teaching and says one of the joys he found when he moved from seminary to college is “I once said the difference between seminary teaching and college teaching was that in seminary we teach our subject but in college we teach students.”  See the full entry here.

I was not convicted but made aware again that this too is my basic conviction, I want to teach students my subject because I love both.   So that is why I should not have turned on Firefox.

Scott has a list of books he recommends for teachers.  He recommends a book each summer and a book each Christmas.  That translates to me as a book each Summer and one in our mid year break.  That’s dangerous to me as I looked them up on Amazon and  added them to one of my personal wish lists.  I’ll get through them eventually.  But that will mean more changes – books are dangerous too.

Of course the easiest way for Americans to buy books is through Amazon.  I was living in the US when Amazon started and we all thought this was wonderful.  There are nowdays cheaper places to get some books from but Amazon is still the book giant of the Internet.  The nature of this for a bibliophile like me is that Amazon is dangerous.  With the exchange rate of the Australian dollar to the US dollar being so good at the moment, Judy and I had decided to consider placing an order.  Even exchange rates can be dangerous.

Shipping to Australia was going to be a killer however.  Then we started the Christmas shopping and some gifts we wanted for people we could get on Amazon and the cost that way was cheaper, even with shipping than just the books elsewhere.  So now Amazon was dangerous as I was  allowed to purchase (all big purchases are mutually agreed on in the household) what I wanted.  The order in the end was nine books.  The cost was not small as professional books tend not to be cheap.

But at least I have some things to read over Christmas now.

And I know after them some things will not be the same.